Cotton Yarn is widely used around the world by textile industries. Jyoti Threads is pioneer in manufacturing open-end cotton yarn ranging from counts ne6 to ne28 prepared from the finest cotton across the globe. We assure you that this yarn meets your most demanding requirements. 

The quality of the yarn produced is as per 5% user level standards and as a result, the product has carved a 'niche' for itself and commands a premium status in the market

  • High Quality Weaving And Knitting Yarn: Our Yarn Sold Under The Brand Name 'Jtil' And Our Count Range 6ne To 28ne with Csp Range 1300 To 2100
  • Slub Yarn: We provide slub yarn of multi-counts with very good quality. It is also known as fancy yarn and used to make garments as well as jeans, curtains, bedspreads etc.
  • Packing Detail: We provide carton, pallet and bag packing, as per customer requirement. We can deliver small and large lot sizes quickly, as per customer demand

Our contact info

Our contact info


Jyoti Threads India LTD.,
Bhawanigarh Road Samana
Distt. Patiala (Punjab)